Futile Cries [More than 30 million people protested on that day – in vain]

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On February 15th, 2003, through the “Stop War” coalition the biggest demonstrations of all times took place all over the world. The “stop war”- cry of the world’s population however never received any worthy response!

Although mass media in all of the countries could not avoid reporting about these huge demonstrations going on all over the world anymore, instead of fulfilling their role and presenting in truth, the actual extent of the world population’s demand to the disobedient governments, and after that persistently requiring that action be taken accordingly, the “sensationalist” media quenched all rising energy over night by immediately moving on to Iraq war live cuts. At this point the war had already been started in spite of all protest. Sensationalist cinema action, sensationalist media instead of the ever louder cry, – by now – even in mass media. Like this the war could not be hindered – or stopped again. Now the hard-boiled part of the nations could even watch the Iraq bombing, at home in the own comfort-zone, with chips and beer in the hand… After that one war followed the next. Kla.tv therefore wants to call into remembrance the scope of the people’s demand on their representatives – especially on the Anglo-American elite – which was raised in vain almost 14 years ago to the day.

On the 15th of February, alone, over 30 million people in 789 cities in 72 counties demonstrated against George W. Bush and Tony Blair. Will the current up-risings and anti-war demonstrations in light of more and more new provocation of Russia by the West, be able to achieve anything more? Everything points to one dangerous fact: without continuous, full support by all mass media unfortunately the same things will go wrong again. It must be made possible though because if the dam were to burst in eastern Ukraine war all over Europe could follow.
For also the Iraq war was just the prelude for all the succeeding wars in the countries of the so-called “Arab Spring” (Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Yemen, Syria etc.). Require your mass-media, in light of this, to help prevent such wars – and not to go on fueling the fire for the next war with anti-Russia propaganda.
With the protests against the Iraq war millions of people all over the world took to the streets. This was the biggest demonstration in the history of the world. From Oakland to Athens, from Berlin to Bangkok, from New York to Tokyo – in short, from the southern most tip of Africa to Antarctica the same thing took place. And this miracle will certainly happen again: as a reminder of that legendary 15th of February 2003. The demonstrations followed the time-zones. The first took place in the South Pacific, New Zealand followed, then Sydney Australia. North Asia and south Asia followed. Then came Malaysia and Indonesia, to continue in the Philippines, in India and Pakistan and then all over Russia. Africa followed and then all of Europe, … Rome, then Spain: in Madrid alone 3 million people demonstrated against Bush and Blair! Paris, France followed, then Turkey. After this the demonstrations moved on to London: alone here 1.5 million people in one day! Yet, regardless of how many millions of people demonstrated all over the world all in one day – Bush and Blair attacked mercilessly – without permission either from the people nor from the security council. The entire world opposed them, and yet they did it anyway! They did not listen! And destroyed an entire nation – for the sake of a feigned lie! For the lie that Saddam Hussein supposedly had weapons of mass destruction! Up until today they have never been called to account for this – and their false war goes on!

From Cairo, Egypt – from everywhere! Everybody joined in – in the huge world-wide cry: stop! No war against Iraq! But these war criminals passed over the cries of an entire world. So this is how these preachers of democracy operate! This is our democracy and how in truth it functions and really is! On this same day, in at least 150 American cities Anti-war demonstrations also took place – all of them in vain – falling on the deaf ears of the warmongers! 35 million people across the globe rose up on February 15th, 2003 and cried: “Stop Bush and Blair – no war against Iraq!” But that didn’t interest the war criminals in the slightest. Here is Bush’s comment, “The size of a protest – that is as if you make politics for a focus group, they cannot stop us!” Wait a moment: humanity, wake up! 35 million on a single day … from 72 countries, from 789 cities… only a focus group for Little George? Which god-damned club taught this mass murderer such slogans? The anti-war movements have a proven global reach. All these committed and too often painfully disappointed people will not give up – under any circumstances. Instead, they will develop tremendously and in doing so begin to build completely new networks until every last power-abuser is defied effectively. They will give every superior court the opportunity to try those warmongers and their allies who are wanted all over the world. If these mandates are not carried out for the entire world to see, the peoples will place disbarment on these so-called judges who are allied with the devil and replace them with competent and incorruptible judges. This will not happen due to violent civil wars, but rather as a result of powerful citizen’s decisions. But in spite of concurrent demonstrations from South Africa to the Antarctic: … all went unheard. This is precisely what the much heralded democratization by the USA really looks like in practice. Just like this! On a single day people demonstrated in 789 cities in 72 countries – yet all this enormous effort with all the work invested, suffering and expenses could not impress Bush or Blair – not even a moment, let alone make them give in! In other words: all the existing courts and authorities prove to be totally useless.
Until this day, no court has ever dispensed justice for all the proven blood shed in the war. If Donald Trump wants to make the USA great again, as he says, this process of coming to terms with the past should be his first goal – if he does not want blood of wars on his own hands. Will he do it? That was just the introductory crime for the following war crimes of the century. The British people demonstrated in vain – also after it came to light that over a million innocent people had to give their lives for a lie. Already back then the British people protested like this. Tony Blair could not show up anymore in public, without running the risk of getting lynched on the spot. The people that has lost fathers and sons in a war for Blair for many years, asked to talk to Blair only for 15 minutes …And this is his answer: „but our request is totally ignored“. Instead, after his retirement from office, Tony Blair was appointed as an intermediary for peace in the Near East! Who the hell gave him that medal of honor?
„Tonight I’m gonna do one of my slide-shows.” (Dinner for radio and television correspondents) „These are actual unstaged photos pulled from the files of the White House photo office.
Those weapons of mass destruction gotta be somewhere… Nope no weapons over there. Maybe under here ?”
So what benefit do the people have from their International Courts? They are of any use except to the biggest criminals of war. The people who were sent to war to die for them, have to stand trial in functioning courts, for every little detail. This woman was held accountable for a 1,30 € fraud, punished and publicly stigmatized. All this because she had cashed a food-stamp worth 1.30 € for herself, which a customer had left at the checkout. People are getting fined and punished for every little thing. But mass murderers of the kind and caliber who exterminate complete nations, remain unpunished for decades – in spite of many millions of protesters on a single day! More and more networks of responsible citizens have begun to save media reports so that they cannot be destroyed or deleted. For the warmongers any Internet censorship is too late and wont help. Just like birds all over the world set out suddenly, without any schedule, knowing where they have to fly, as of recently, natural forces make sure that a kind of „compilation of war criminals“ from all parts of the world is built up.
In thousands of articles the warmongers are confronted openly with these new views and dissenting voices.
Completely unplanned, yet simultaneously – network-like – more and more counter-voices reach the journalists and editors responsible, the media producers and politicians. Like a mass hatching these responsible persons are increasingly, officially asked to correct their reports, or to report the missing withheld arguments. Through this natural phenomenon all these who create lies and warmongering are not able to justify themselves based on unawareness or on any false information in the future. They receive clear information from all sides and their reaction to this is again documented from all sides. This phenomena makes forgetting later impossible. Increasingly mainstream journalists are informed that their behavior can be used against them later in court. Because the time is certainly coming when the people will establish new courts which punish this purposeful false news, embezzlements and omissions legally and effectively. The mass hatching on February 15, 2003 when over 30 millions people in 789 cities and 72 countries protested on the same day, proves: Such mass phenomena will come back! They will assert themselves, unstoppably and miraculously network-like until every “media arson” serving for preparation of wars, will be punished by new functioning tribunals for war criminals. All mainstream producers who do not come back to their responsibility as the 4th power in the state and invest all their energy towards disclosing and punishing this corrupt machinery and warmongering governments, will be punished themselves as accomplices of the war criminals, before these same courts.

This development will just be the logical and legally relevant continuation of the awakening described before. This will be not only an encouragement to the deceived and cheated people but first and foremost change the perpetrators thinking. In summary: nature’s survival mechanisms are currently creating independent documentation centers for medial war mongers and war criminals – all over the world:

1. Every media, every reporter who reports one-sided or fake news, is globally registered by completely independent documentation centers so that every medial war crime is documented permanently: – not only in a digitally.
2. In case of one-sided reporting, the journalist / the media is confronted by everyone with counter-statements which he would legally have to report according to his professional ethics. As if by natural instincts, those people are informed about provable counter-voices because of their lies. This happens increasingly, everywhere, without organization.
3. Deceptive reporters are called on from all sides to correct their one-sided or false reports in the same media within an appropriate deadline (similar to legally ordered corrections) in order to exclude “ignorance” or “mistakes”.
4. They are prepared by all informed observers that after a possible war, a “Document Collection Center for medial war crime” will do its utmost to punish the warmongering media as terror groups and to prosecute also their journalistic accomplices in the war crimes trials.
To close – a commemoration of other wars not prevented – in spite of powerful resistance by the peoples.
Bonus credits:

1950 – 1953 Korean War: 06/27/1950 till 07/27/1953
1956 Suez crisis: Egypt, 07/26/1956 till 11/15/1956
1958 Operation Blue Bat: Lebanon, 07/15/1958 till 10/20/1958
1958 – 1963 Strait of Taiwan: 08/23/1958 till 06/01/1963
1960 – 1962 Congo: 07/14/1960 till 09/01/1962
1962 – 1963 Cuba crisis: worldwide, 10/24/1962 till 06/01/1963
1965 – 1966 Operation Powerpack: Dominican Republic, 04/28/1965 till 09/21/1966
1965 – 1970 Operation Arc Light: Southeast Asia, 06/18/1965 till April 1970
Operation Rolling Thunder: South Vietnam, 02/24/1965 till October 1968
1967 Six-day war: Middle East, 05/13/1967 till 06/10/1967
1970 Operation Tailwind: Laos
1970 Operation Ivory Coast / Kingoin: North Vietnam, 11/21/1970
1962 – 1971Operation Linebacker I: Northern Vietnam,
Operation Ranch Hand: South Vietnam, January 1962 till January 1971
1972 Operation Linebacker II: North Vietnam, 12/18/1972 till 12/29/1972
Operation Pocket Money: North Vietnam, 05/09/1972 till 10/23/1972
Operation Freedom Train: North Vietnam, 04/06/1972 till 05/10/1972
1972 – 1973 Operation Endweep: North Vietnam, 01/27/1972 till 07/27/1973
1973 Operation Nickelgrass: Middle East, 10/06/1973 till 11/17/1973
1975 Operation Eagle Pull: Cambodia, 04/11/1975 till 04/13/1975
Operation Freequent Wind: Evacuation in South Vietnam, 04/26/1975 till 04/30/1975
Operation Mayaguez: Cambodia, 05/15/1975?1977?1999
Operation CoronetOak: Central and South America, October 1977 till 02/17/1999
1980 Operations Eagle Claw / Desert One”: Iran, 04/25/1980
1981 Operation Gulf of Sidra: Libya, 08/18/1981
1981 – 1992 El Salvador, Nicaragua: 01/01/1981 till 02/01/1992
1983 Operation Urgent Fury: Grenada, 10/23/1983 till 11/21/1983
1982 – 1987 US-Multinational Force: Lebanon, 08/25/1982 till 12/11/1987
1986 Operation Attain Document: Libya, 01/26/1986 till 03/29/1986
Operation El Dorado Canyon: Libya, 04/12/1986 till 04/17/1986
Operation Blast, Furnace: Bolivia, July 1986 till November 1986
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1988 Operation PrayingMantis: Persian Gulf, 04/17/1988 till 04/19/1988
Operation Golden Pheasant: Honduras, starting March 1988
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1989 – 1990 Operation Just Cause: Panama, 12/20/1989 till 01/31/1990
1990 Operation Promote Liberty: Panama, 01/31/1990
Operation Sharp Edge: Liberia, May 1990 till 01/08/1991
Operation DesertShield: 08/02/1990 till 01/17/1991
1990 – 1993 Operation Ghost Zone: Bolivia, March 1990 till 1993
1991 Operation Desert Storm: Iraq, 01/17/1991 till 02/28/1991
Operation Eastern Exit: Somalia, 01/02/1991 till 01/11/1991
Operation ProductivEffort / SeaAngel: Bangladesh, May 1991 till June 1991
Operation Fiery Vigil: Philippines, 06/01-30/1991
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Operation Quicklift: Zaire, 09/24/1991 till 10/071991
Operation CoronetNighthawk: Central and South America, starting 1991
Operation Desert Falcon: Saudi Arabia, starting 03/31/1991
1991 – 1992 Operation DesertCalm: “Southwest Asia, 03/01/1991 till 01/01/1992
1991-1994 Operation Support Justice: South America,
1991-1994 Operation ProvideComfort: Kurdistan, 04/05/1991 till December 1994
1991 – 1996 Operation ProvideComfort II: Kurdistan, 07/24/1991 till 12/31/1996
1992 Operation DesertFarewell: Southwest Asia, 01/01/1992 till 1992
Operation SilverAnvil: Sierra Leone, 05/02/1992 till 05/05/1992
Operation Maritime Monitor: Adria, 07/16/1992 till 11/22/1992
Operation Sky Monitor: Bosnia and Herzegovina, starting 10/16/1992
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1993 – 1995 Operation Sharp Guard: Adria, 06/15/1993 till December 1995
Cruise missile attacks: Iraq, 06/26/1993, 01/17/1993,
1994 Operation Distant Runner: Rwanda, 04/09/1994 till 04/15/1994
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Operation Vigilant Warrior: Kuwait, October 1994 to November 1994
Operation Able Sentry: Serbia-Macedonia, starting 07/05/1994
1994 – 1995 Operation Uphold / Restore Democracy”: Haiti, 09/19/1994 till 03/31/1995
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1995 Operation United Shield: Somalia, 01/22/1995 till 03/25/1995
Operation Vigilant Sentine I: Kuwait, starting August 1995
Operation Nomad Vigil: Albania, 07/01/1995 till 11/05/1996
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Operation Quicklift: Croatia, July 1995
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Operation Joint Edeavor: Bosnia-Herzegovina, December 1995 till December 1996
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Operation Desert Strike: Iraq, 3.09.1996
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1997 Operation Guardian Retrieval: Congo, March 1997 till June 1997
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Operation Phoenix Scorpion II: Iraq, starting February 1998
Operation Phoenix Scorpion III: Iraq, starting November 1998
Operation Phoenix Scorpion IV: Iraq, starting December 1998
Operation Desert Fox: Iraq, 12/16/1998 till 12/20/1998
Operation Joint Guard: Bosnia and Herzegovina, 06/20/1998
Operation Determined Falcon: Kosovo / Albania, 06/15/1998 till 06/16/1998
Operation Joint Forge: starting 20.06.1998
Operation “Deliberate Forke”: Bosnia and Herzegovina, from starting 06/20/1998
Operation Deny Flight: Bosnia, 04/12/1993 till 12/20/1995?
1998-1999 Operation Eagle Eye: Kosovo, 10/16/1998 till 03/24/1999
Operation Determined Force: Kosovo, 10/08/1998 till 03/23/1999
1999 Operation Sustain Hope / Allied Harbor: Kosovo, starting 04/05/1999
Operation Shining Hope: Kosovo, starting 04/05/1999
Operation Cobalt Flash: Kosovo, starting 03/23/1999
2001 Operation Enduring Freedom: Afghanistan, starting 10/07/2001
2003 Attack on Iraq, starting 03/20/2003
2004 In March 2004, Haiti – Following the overthrow of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the United States send troops to Haiti as part of a multi-national transition force of the United Nations Security Council.
2004 Repeated threats against the Iran since at least March 2004
2011 Attack on Libya and the assassination of Gaddafi, February till October
2012 Support of the so-called “Syrian opposition”

This overview does not claim to be complete!

How many wars has the USA already led after the end of World War II?
Since 1945: The USA killed more than 30 million people.
No other country on Earth has such a bloody balance as the USA.
Within 201 conflicts the US-regime killed over 30 million people for its own geopolitical purposes since 1945.
US-history is written with blood. Especially foreign blood. This is shown by the fact that the United States has been in a state of war since its founding in 1776 … a total of 222 years. This is as nearly 93 % of its 239 years of existence.
CIA-operations such as the “Arab Spring” and other covert wars are not listed above.

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