International Jewish Plan to Exterminate the White Race

Posted on : 07/12/2017
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Dennis Wise is the world famous producer of the video series “The Greatest Story NEVER Told”, hailed as the most important documentary in 70 years. Here Dennis talks off camera with Brian Ruhe about the plan to get rid of white European people, plus many topics listed in order below, by a volunteer. 0.25 – Begins talking about Migrant crisis – White Genocide – Disarmament of Europe after World War Two – American Second Amendment – Brain washing caused by Hollywood films, Media & Print 6:35 (stop) 6:40 – Germany punished for fighting the New World Order in two world wars. – All children in Germany must read the Ka’ran – Germany and Sweden becoming a Islamic state – French Prime minister says race mixing is manditory – Jews cliam responsibility for making Europe multicultural – Family in Germany fined $1000 for not letting their child go to a Mosque – Jews behind baning Christmas 12:13 (stop) 12:40 – Who were the traders who supported the NWO during and after the war – Ronald Regan was a Communist – Pope Francis supported the NWO – Every Prime minister after World War Two was a trader – Freemasons playing a role – Germany might be making it manditory for everyone to get computer chiped by 2017 – It’s already manditory to get the chip in Australia – What the chip can do to you – could Putin be our last hope? 23:35 (stop) 24:36 – Discussion about Trump getting in – What Hilary Clinton is about – what the world will be like in a short time – Will there be a third world war? – Assassination attempt on Putin – Possible assassination plot on Trump? 30:54 (stop) 30:55 – Hilary Clinton, FBI re-opens the case – Hilary cheating during the election – Is Julian Assange a shill? – Could Edward Snowden be a shill? 36:12 (stop) 36:13 – Discussion about how the National Socialists were onse allied with the Muslims – Discussion about the Mass immigration into Europe – Brain washing – How powerful the televison is as a weapon of control 43:54 (stop) 44:00 – Promotion of biracial relationships – Alternative theories on who is controlling us – brief talk on Christianity & Buddhism’s belief on the spiritual realms – Adolf Hitler defeated freemasonery in Germany – Corruption in the Catholic Church – UFO’s and Rothchild connection? – Canadians defense minister says alien are real – Possibility of the Nazis getting their hgh tech during WW2 from secret tablets found in Iraq – There might be a secret reason for wanting to wipe out the white race – Hitler fought agianst white genocide 59:38 (stop) 59:39 – Discussion about the truth concerning Hitler – Further discussion on the Greatest Story Never Told – Nationalism on the rise world wide – Free energy being supppressed – Jews blocking real cancer research – White genocide 108:26 (stop) 108:27 – Canadian politics – Justin Truduea slackens laws on Pedophilia – Justin Truduea promoting pedophilia – Iraqi War 109:59 (stop) 110:00 – possible allien connection to our Governments? – was the moon landing faked? – was the Apolo mission faked? – Discussion on David Irving – continual propaganda films made agianst Hitler – General Patton sided with Germany after the war – Further discussion on the Greatest Story Never Told – War crimes – Further discussion on Hitler – Discussion on higher realms, satanism and witchcraft

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