The Strange Abductions of Eustace Mullins

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A Randy Atkins video made in December 2008, with Eustace Mullins, Jesse Lee (aka Jessy Lee) and Ed Spencer.

John Kaminski around December 2008 on www.johnkaminski:

As I said before, since 1988 Id been hearing secondhand stories about Eustace and about how numerous charlatans would make their way to his modest Staunton, Virginia home to try to steal the rights to Eustace’s books. Many times I pondered how the only thing that could really save Eustace from the ravages of time and inattention was a guardian angel. For decades, said angel never appeared, and Eustace’s health rapidly went down the tubes. Then suddenly, right after filmmaker Randy Atkins made the video The Neo-Zionist World Order, which consisted of an extensive interview with Mullins, the latest team of these charlatans spirited Eustace out of the Virginia nursing home where he had been living to another nursing home in Texas. Two criminals named Blackburn and Spencer were all set to commit Mullins to a Texas state institution, where it would have been all but impossible to get him out. During this dangerous episode, Spencer actually reprinted one of Mullins’ works, carefully removing all instances of the word Jew, and pocketing all the profits for himself. As Eustace recalls it, Spencer told me that if I took the word out of all my books, we could make a million dollars. That is, Eustace remembered, what G. Edward Griffin did. He totally plagiarized my Secrets of the Federal Reserve and made two million dollars. Just as Mullins was to be committed to a Texas state institution, along comes Jesse …

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